Through the learning that occurs at our demonstration sites, this national Learning Collaborative will identify effective interventions that can be brought to scale, as well as provide university leaders with the evidence they need to improve their health workforce programs.  Knowledge gained will be exported to the broader network of urban universities through the following products:


Phase 1: Identify Systemic Health Workforce Goals

The Learning Collaborative will identify health workforce goals across universities that are important to driving improvements in the health workforce.

Phase 2: Develop Metrics

The Learning Collaborative will begin the process of developing metrics for a national data dashboard. 

Phase 3: Identify University Strategies that Impact Outcomes

The Learning Collaborative will identify university strategies that drive positive health workforce outcomes in the core areas of impact.

Phase 4: Identify Key Performance Indicators for Dashboard

The Learning Collaborative will identify key performance indicators that enable universites to assess progress and improve.

Phase 5: Analyze Effectiveness

Demonstration sites will conduct a quality improvement analysis and action plan for continuous improvement.  Findings from this analysis will be used to refine the data dashboard and develop a capacity assessment tool that can be used by other universities.